Friday, August 20, 2010

10 Random Things for a Friday

This week has been Carppy. But I think we've already covered that so I'm going to try and not carry it over to here. It's worth a shot, right?

  1. The Babe started Pre-school this week! She loves it. I love that she loves it. But I still cry a little every morning when I drop her off. Yes. I am sappy. And emotional. but what of it?
  2. My mom's twin sister lives in the Minneapolis metro area. We used to go to her house ALL of the time when I was growing up. It was the first place my parents let me drive to that wasn't within 30 miles of my house. It was a refuge when my teenage self thought I needed to get away from my parents. Being at my Aunt's probably saved my life more than once. This has gotten long enough that it should probably get it's own post. So we'll let this go for now.
  3. A Dutch Pancake is called a pannekoeken. We used to eat them in Minneapolis at the Pannekoeken Huis. Which is apparently the Minneapolis Dutch version of IHOP. This all comes about because Cascadian Farms had a cool recipe for a peach pannekoeken this week. My favorite way to have them was with strawberries and powdered sugar. I think I'll take a shot at the peach one this weekend.
  4. There is a parade tomorrow in our little version of downtown. It is a joint venture with the Air Force Base. And it kicks off a week of pretty cool events. The Babe LOVES parades.
  5. The week includes an air show. We don't need to get tickets to the air show. They fly over our house. Which leads to much better views anyway. :)
  6. Son2 has decided that he wants to live here again. Which is good. Because I miss him terribly when he isn't here. Now all I have to do is get Jr. and family to move here. Then my evil plan will be complete!
  7. Even the best fall down sometimes. Personally, I'm pretty tired of falling.
  8. I want to be a Yarn Bomber when I grow up. I got the idea from elena over at itwalkedonmypillow. She is going to be one too. This would however mean that I would have to learn how to knit. or crochet. Which I think we have talked about this before. you see, I can't do either. so when I need something knit, or crocheted or sewn for that matter, I just pay my friend Candice to do it. Do you think I would still be a yarn bomber if I used someone else's creation and i just paid for it and put it on random parking meters?
  9. For quite a while yesterday I thought it was friday. but alas, it was not. This was a very depressing moment. But then again it was good. Because I have A LOT of things to do before the end of the month and that just gave me an extra day. kind of.
  10. My favorite color this week is white. Because that is the color I found underneath all of the black and gray that my husband had left as the ring around the tub. Having a mechanic for a husband means you have to wash your tub every time he bathes. so luckily I only have to do it once every other week or so. ok. that was a lie. he does bathe at least once a week. ok. that was a lie too. he does bathe most every day. but don't tell him I told you because then he'll think I was talking about him being naked or something and then that gets hard to explain.
Happy birthday to you if your birthday is August 20th! Happy early birthday to you if your birthday is this week! Happy belated birthday to you if you just had it and I missed it. I don't know why I'm talking about birthdays. I must need cake with buttercream frosting or something. Anywhoooo. Happy Friday.

Be well my stalker friends.

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suzy said...

oh. your method of yarn bombing seems much easier. good good.