Sunday, August 22, 2010

My Favorite Recipe Sites

This is for my sister. But y'all can visit them too if you want. Yummies!

Kalyn's Kitchen - Low Carb Friendly
Smitten Kitchen - NOT low carb friendly but way good recipes
Savory Sweet Life - Easy family friendly recipes
Tasty Kitchen - Pioneer Woman Driven
Healthy. Happy. Life. - Awesome recipes. usually easy. always Vegan
Simply Recipes - I've found lots of easy family recipes. they are kind of hit and miss though
FatFree Vegan Kitchen - I haven't made anything from here that wasn't good
Karma-Free Cooking - Good stuff. Some of her ingredients aren't always easy to find though
Last Night's Dinner - She relies a lot on other people's cookbooks but she's honest about how they turned out.

Ok. that should keep you busy for a while. but if nothing else, you can always just have a peanut butter sandwich. : ) adding Nutella would switch it up a little bit. lol

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KarmaFreeCooking said...

Hey Carolyn, thanks for the shout out about KarmaFree Cooking... and if you ever want to make a recipe and can't seem to find an ingredient, email me or add a comment so I can help you with substitutions, OK? I am always glad to answer any questions you might have. Madelyn.