Friday, August 27, 2010

10 Random Things for a Friday

It is still Friday in 3/4 of the US so I may have brought it down to the wire but it is on baby!
  1. My home laptop is driving me absolutely bonkers. So if we can make it through this without me having to switch to the Husband's computer I'll be absolutely surprised.
  2. The Babe has done 4 different 100 piece puzzles this week. A few pieces were added by Son2 or myself to help her get over a rough patch but she did 95% of them herself. Dollar Tree has some pretty rocking puzzles. For a dollar. I think we have bought one of each that they have there.
  3. I need new tennis shoes. When I went walking yesterday this was very apparent. They just aren't cushy anymore. The problems that this brings though are that I did not budget new shoes into the budget this month. Nor next month. I need to find myself a good sale.
  4. Someone left a stuffed animal that talks in the couch. I know this because I sat on the couch and the couch started talking. Which throws you off a little when you've had a couple of glasses of wine.
  5. I just yelled at Husband for no reason. I'd say I'm on overload. What do you think?
  6. My house is an absolute disaster. There are people coming here from out of town and I don't have the time to clean it because I have to work again in the morning. And the maid quit. Good thing it is a friend who doesn't care what my house looks like.
  7. I've got nothing. How can I have nothing when this is random stuff? Overload.
  8. It took Tolstoy six years to write "War and Peace." It has taken me 15 years to read it. And I'm not done. I have a copy. But I'm not sure where it even is.
  9. I've still got nothing.
  10. Tomorrow is Riverfront Wine Festival. Have I mentioned that? After this last couple of weeks, it will be nice to do something fun.
Wow. that was lame. We'll try this again tomorrow after the Wine Festival. I bet those 10 will be interesting!


Eric Alder said...

I knew you could do it!

Lanel said...

I have to say #8 is pretty funny to me...I watched a movie about Tolstoy last night and downloaded War & Peace to my Kindle. Not sure when I'll read it..I'm thinking 2011, we'll see.

Mistry said...

Okay - you HAVE to come visit. Traver Home Wine is the BEST wine in the WORLD. Just sayin'.

AND - well, I miss your face. :/

Yelling at the hubby is okay.

AND - NOBODY I know has actually read War and Peace. Just sayin'. ;)

~ Misty