Thursday, July 1, 2010

It's One of THOSE Days

It's one of THOSE days. The kind that makes you wish you'd stayed in bed. Or at least stayed home. Not the worst day I've ever had mind you. Just one that really could go away and nobody would care. Others might even jump for joy. I might do that in fact. But it isn't going away so there will be no jumping.

I bought two bottles of UV Blue at the gas station at lunch. The little airplane size ones. Not the 750 ml ones. Gee. What kind of lush do you take me for? The gas station on the corner by the high school. They have this huge fish tank thing of airplane size bottles of booze. One dolla'. One dolla' and you can check out all of the lovely new flavors of vodka and rum. Without the boozer investment of a whole bottle. Smart little fish tank they have there.

So I bought two little shot and a half bottles of UV Blue at lunch. They are in my purse over there on the table by the door. And they are calling to me. I am one more end of the world phone call from drinking them.

Will somebody stop by with some lemonade?

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Eric Alder said...

I had no idea what UV Blue was - when I read that you bought it at a gas station, I thought it was window spray or something.

You don't find many gas stations in SE lower Michigan that sell liqour, but many sell beer. For liquor we go to 'party' stores, which are on almost every main corner.