Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I May Be Getting Old

I hurt. I'm not that old. But my body seems to think I am today.

My left leg -- I broke my left leg right before I turned 21. So in about a month, it'll be 20 years since I broke it. And my ankle still gives me fits. Never got full range of motion back. It has significant arthritis. And the last few days we've had crappy weather which has made it ache. A lot. And we won't even talk about still taking stairs one at a time. So here I am limping on the left leg.

My right foot -- plantar fasciitis. At least that is the self diagnosis with the help of my dad and the internet. So here I am limping on the right leg.

My left ear hurts. But that's pretty normal considering the weather, allergies and the mixed blessing of air conditioning.

I have a headache. Again, it's the weather. I'm pretty sure. I hope.

My right hand keeps falling asleep. Pretty sure I have the beginning of carpal tunnel.

My right hip. My left hip. My left wrist. And my tail bone. They ALL hurt. you see... I fell on Sunday. Guess what? Rain, smooth concrete, and Crocs do NOT mix. It was a pretty stupid idea actually. Crocs and the Rain? I mean who is that stupid? Apparently I am. And on Sunday I proved it. I ran up to the sitter's door. My scatter brain self forgot to pay her on Friday and decided that running over the money IN THE RAIN with CROCS ON was a good idea. Yeah. Not so much. Coming back down the stairs proved to be more than my graceful self could handle in CROCS and RAIN. And my feet right foot went forward while my tail decided to stay where they were. And then it became quick friends with the stairs. Um... Ouch. Big ouch. So I can sit. And I can stand. But going from one to the other is enough to make me scoot around in my desk chair today so I didn't have to stand up.

And before you say it Mom.... Hubby threw away the Crocs. We won't be doing that again.

See. I am falling apart. I am not old enough to be falling apart. And I KNOW that people have it way worse than I do. I'm just venting. Because my tail hurts. And I need to go let the dogs out and I don't want to get up off of the couch. Because it is going to hurt.


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Mistry said...

I distinctly remember someone LAUGHING at me when I 'broke my butt' once....

And I hurt too. but I have the good drugs! :p

(and not to freak you out or anything, but my 'captcha' (?) word to type in on this comment is "OCULTA". :/ kinda messed with my head. :p