Saturday, July 17, 2010


I have allergies. Dust. But isn't everyone really? It's not like any fool in their right mind would stick their face in a pile of dust bunnies and not sneeze. I'm also allergic to dusting. At least that is what I tell people when they ask about the 1/2 inch of dust on the top of the TV. We won't even talk about the fridge.

Then there are the other things... I've always been allergic to codeine. So there really are no good drugs for pain for me. Please pass the percocet. And paper tape. which of course is "hyper allergenic". So they use it EVERYWHERE. and sulfa drugs. which is fine with me because sulfa antibiotics smell awful anyway. And mustard. and since we have discussed this before I again have to ask, who the hiney is allergic to mustard? and why did this not start until I was 18?

I am also allergic to tree pollen. So when everyone else is happy that their winter cold season is over, I can't breathe. oh well. I still love spring anyway.

But now there is something else. I don't know what it is. But I am downing generic Benadryl like a mad woman. And my eyes itch and my nose is red from wiping it. and then the drugs kick in and I feel better. Except this morning. I decided though that that was because the pills I used expired in 2002. Seriously? who still has allergy pills in their cupboard that expired in 2002? I've moved 3 times since then and I didn't purge pills that expired in 2002? who does that? Oh yes. that would be me.

I wonder if my insurance with the insanely high deductible would cover allergy tests? with my luck though it would say I was allergic to the dogs or the cat. or my kids. or stupid people. there are a lot of them. And then I would cry and just go get shots. and the shots would make me cry and it would all be over but the crying.

that made no sense.

Especially when you take into consideration that I would not spend the money for shots. Not when unexpired Benadryl works just as well. Which brings me to the point of this post. And the question that I wanted to ask 65 people. Because I figure on of you must know.

How long after you take expired meds that you can only take once ever 4 - 6 hours that didn't work can you take meds that aren't expired and might work?

and can somebody run to the store and get some for me? My eyes are red and swollen and itchy and it makes it hard to see to drive.

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