Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Happy Birthday to Him

Hubby's birthday was Tuesday.

He had a birthday parade.

He was sang to more times that I could count.

He opened presents that the Babe picked out completely on her own from the dollar store and the grocery store. Squirt guns, Laffy Taffy, A Garfield key chain that says "talk to the paw", a Valentine's gift bag, 2 mylar balloons, 2 cans of Rockstar, and a huge bag of Icy Pops.

He had brownies with those long taper candles that I've always thought were really cool but I can never find. We now have 24 which is really good because I think they may be making another appearance next week.

He got 45 kisses.

We attempted 45 spankings. But he kind of put a stop to that when the Babe got carried away.

He got a card with frogs on it that the Babe picked out. It said "Happy Birthday 3 year old" but she loved it so we didn't point that part out.

He got breakfast for dinner. We went to IHOP. Because it is close to the house and it was pretty late by the time he got home from the other things he had to do last night. Lasagna is on the agenda for the weekend.

He got a killer present from my parents. A "discovery flight". It's a 30 minute flight where you get to fly the plane for part of it. He's always wanted to learn to fly. So this may have created an expensive monster.

I love him. And 45 looks pretty damn good on him. ;)


Mistry said...


(and will you take my kids shopping for ME? I would like to see what they come up with)

~ Ybftcyhbftlfa

Lanel said...

Sounds like the a wonderful birthday. :) I love when the kids pick out gifts themselves --- it's great to see what THEY want to give you (or themselves LOL).