Sunday, July 18, 2010

The 11 Things I Just Brought In From the Car

I just cleaned out the car. OK. Not so much cleaned out as "did damage control to".
  1. A very badly faded and well worn Cabela's baseball cap that belongs to my hubby.
  2. Dried out Armor All Cleaning Wipes. The Babe loves cleaning with these.
  3. Two magic gloves. One black. One white. They are gloves. I don't even remember wearing them this winter. Wonder where the other two went?
  4. A Hoops and YoYo Panic Button. My mom gave me this. Because a) I LOVE Hoops and YoYo. and b)I often need a panic button.
  5. A pair of Jasmine princess underwear. Size 4. I'm not even going to guess how they ended up in the trunk.
  6. Two socks that definitely don't match. One blue size 3T. One white size 4T.
  7. One size 8 pink and white Sketchers tennis shoe. They are the Babe's favorite tennis shoes. I must now find the matching one.
  8. A "Y" Flashcard. She loves the pictures and is figuring out the letters.
  9. A Wubbulous World of Dr. Seuss DVD. This series should NEVER have been canceled.
  10. A manila envelope with legal papers that was mailed to me in December. I have an entire drawer full of legal papers regarding this subject.
  11. An almost full grocery sack of garbage. Um. Yeah. We won't go there.
I think I need to clean out the car more often.

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