Friday, July 16, 2010

10 Random Things for a Friday

  1. Thursday was the Babe's birthday. We had a really nice trip to the mall for Build A Bear adventuring. We had a not so nice trip to Target. She was WAY over tired. The real party is on Saturday night. I've been convinced to go to the dreaded Chuck the Mouse's place. Should be loud an annoying. But it's what she wants!
  2. The RED in this picture drives my eyes insane. It's almost as bad as me trying to read white letters on a black background. Which I do believe I have complained about before.
  3. I am determined to learn how to quilt. But I've been saying for years that THIS will be the time that I learn to quilt and it never happens. But I really want to make something like this. Really Cool Quilt
  4. My Q key is sticking. Which made it hard to write all of the Qs in all of the "quilts" above.
  5. David Letterman was not nominated for any Emmys this year. And he has complained about it several times this week. I'm not surprised. The show is kind of stagnant. But it's still better than that other one that can't decide on a host. But having his mom and Bret Michaels on in the same night kind of made up for all of the whining.
  6. My parents will be in town this weekend for the Babe's birthday party. They are coming this afternoon in fact. I'm looking forward to having them here. They don't come often enough. Besides, it's more incentive to clean the house.
  7. I really want to buy THIS pie dish. I don't know why. Probably because it makes me think about all of the awesome pies I could make if I really felt like it and didn't have something like 500 pounds to lose. But I already have my a Pyrex plain Jane pie dish that came with the ginormous Pyrex set I bought when I was 20 something. I don't even know where in the kitchen cupboard it is right now. So obviously I use it quite often. Which obviously does not justify a $44 pie plate from Williams-Sonoma. And since I am barred from entering the store by myself, and I've frozen the credit card, it is probably safe to say I won't be buying it. But a gal can drool can't she? I can't believe I just wrote 7 lines about a pie dish.
  8. THIS STORY that explains how a man ended up naked on the side of the highway with his prosthetic leg on fire has got to be the DUMBEST thing I've heard in forever.
  9. My car is 350 miles from needing an oil change. again. It is also only 2 or 3 oil changes away from 100,000 miles. how is that even possible? 59,000 miles in a little over 2 years. I think I may drive too much.
  10. The Babe requested Salami and baby carrots for breakfast. We had neither in the house. She cried. And then settled for a Peanut Butter sandwich.
Happy Friday everyone. Hope your weekend is more fun than you expected.

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Sharon said...

Awesome...I loved today's list. Thank you for posting it. Salami and Carrots...hmmm, doesn't sound too bad. :) See you Saturday at the mouse place.