Friday, July 23, 2010

10 Random Things for a Friday

  1. When I was 16, my first job was at McDonald's. While I worked there the McDonald's Monopoly game debuted. They gave us all these really cool green Poker Visors. I LOVED it. I had it until the kids destroyed it one Halloween. I miss that visor.
  2. I am sick of "vote someone off" each week reality shows. That said, I really still like "The Next Food Network Star" and "Top Chef". I watch them every week. On TiVo. Because were it not for TiVo and Hulu I'd watch zero TV. But why is it you hear very little about any of the winners a few years later?
  3. People that are ultra organized drive me crazy. I would however like to invite one of them over to my house to help me out for a few days. My office is worse. It's getting pretty ridiculous. I should probably have them come there first. Any volunteers?
  4. For more than 2 decades I have bought a new Sting album the week that it comes out. I will however never go to another of his concerts. They really aren't any more exciting than one of his albums.
  5. Remind me to tell you about how we ended up getting married 2 hours from home and honeymooning at the State Fair. Our anniversary is in a few weeks. I need a plan for something cool to do this year.
  6. I think I'll make a pineapple upside down cake this weekend. My mom used to make it in a Lifetime Cookware skillet. Apparently it was a demonstration recipe from when she sold the cookware to put herself through part of college. Either that or I'm going to find out which day Perkins has the pineapple upside down muffins. Then I'll have to figure out where is the nearest Perkins.
  7. Perkins muffins aside, I am trying to do a better job of buying food that doesn't require labels. We spend a great deal of our food dollars at the farmer's market. I've already pre-ordered beef for fall from a local farm. This makes the carnivore in my house very happy. If I could stomach the idea of slaughtering and de-feathering chickens, I'd buy roaster chickens. But that is a whole other story. So finding stories like THIS ONE, make me feel good about our choices.
  8. I still can't seem to give up Diet Coke. **big sigh**
  9. Starbucks' Iced Via is pretty darn good. I'm drinking one as we speak. Or I guess that would be as I speak. Since I am the only one talking right now.
  10. Why doesn't the freezer have a light too?
Alrighty kids. It is obviously Friday. Which means tomorrow is Saturday and the day after that is Sunday. Which means that a lot of us get two days off. Me, I'll get one. But that's just because I am still trying to play catch up. And August is already a disaster. But anyway... Not everybody gets the weekend off. Many of them will be checking you out at Target and the grocery store, or cooking that chicken sandwich for you, or tearing your ticket at the theater. So be extra nice to them. They wanted the weekend off too. That said, enjoy your weekend as much as possible. We only get 5 of them this month.


Sharon said...

Perkins is on 72nd and Grover, you can take me. I want to go to the Farmer's Market with you too. You are neglecting me for work, I don't like it. I will look for an appropriate sangria recipe. Now to find a free weekend! ;)

Lanel said...

You know, my freezer has a light in it. After I lived there about a month I was looking in the freezer and it dawned on me "cool, there's a light in my freezer".

Is it sad that I actually got excited about a light in my freezer?

Carolyn said...

Lanel - I am jealous of the light in the freezer. And no. I'd be excited if I discovered one in mine too.

Sharon -- Um, yeah. I did not neglect you. I ignored you. LOL