Friday, June 25, 2010

10 Random Things for a Friday

Ok. I have 6 minutes left before it isn't Friday anymore. Either that or I have to teleport to the Mountain time zone and hit publish from there. So let's see how fast I can type.

  1. This week at work was a TOTAL drama nightmare. I'd explain. But then someone would find this. And then it would end up places it shouldn't. And then I'd be jobless. But let's just say that if it could happen this week, it did.
  2. BAM was here for a while tonight. He cried when it was time to leave. It kind of made me feel good that he didn't want to leave. Is that awful?
  3. Those of you that know me, can you "hear me" when you read what I write? I actually hear people's voice in my head when I read. And those that I read that I haven't heard in real life I have made up voices for. Hopefully if I ever hear them they'll sound somewhat like what they sound like in my head or I won't know who they are.
  4. I loaned my senior class yearbook to Erin T. sometime around 1991. I'm not sure why. And I don't really care now, but I'd really like to have my yearbook back. I wonder if she is on Facebook. Hold On. I'm going to go check.
  5. Holy Schmoly! She is on Facebook. And she has a blog! It is totally her. Either that or I just sent a really out in left field message to some random stranger. I'll let you know when she writes back.
  6. I partied a little too much in 1991. I did stupid things like let someone borrow my senior year yearbook. And hang out in parks really late at night and have the police tell us to get off of the swings. Come to think of it, I may have partied a little too much for a few years before and after that time too.
  7. I need to find a new water bottle. One that doesn't sweat. I love my metal one but I can't get over the idea that I am drinking out of a metal bottle. And it sweats WAY too much.
  8. ****deleted this one because I decided it was a bad idea to tell the whole world what was written here a minute ago*****
  9. Had to write a bio this week. Something so I could be introduced at a thing. First off, when the heck did I become someone that has to be a) introduced and b) needs a bio? I couldn't write the stupid thing. So I had my mom do it. And she did. Which is yet another reason why I love my mother.
  10. I bought the Babe a red star mylar balloon at the grocery store. We were going after the red, white, and blue little star. But those were only "promotional" for the store's use. I tried to bribe the floral lady that blows up the balloons. But she wouldn't cave.
It is now 12:17. I apparently can't type fast enough. But all of you are asleep and won't read it until sometime next week when you are at work and really bored anyway. (btw Hi Pusher!) So you won't know the difference anyway. So in that case.... HAPPY SATURDAY!! I'm on my way to CR. so if you are reading this and you live in CR or between here and CR, call me. We are all going the Cardboard Boat Regatta on Sunday. Want to come?

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