Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The 10 Random Things That Didn't Get Written on Friday

  1. I had 56 hours of Vacation and Holiday time this last 2 weeks. Which means I have only worked 24 hours in the last 2 weeks. Which COMPLETELY explains why I am so damn far behind. And now I'll work about 30 hours extra this week and probably the same next week to try and get caught up. Which won't happen. So really what was the point of the vacation time?
  2. Some brilliant person put together a cheat sheet for Starbucks. Thank you to them. There are a few drinks I've always wondered about. And now I know what they are!
  3. Sarah is the Babe's favorite "come and play with me" babysitter. The Babe was her first babysitting job nearly 2 years ago. We like Sarah a lot. In fact she is filling in for our daycare one day this week.
  4. I didn't get last Friday's 10 Random Things done because I was driving to Minneapolis. The Babe and Sarah and I visited my aunt and uncle, spent the day at Nickelodeon Universe at the Mall of America, stayed Saturday night in a hotel and swam in the pool, and then went to my cousin's wedding on Sunday.
  5. The wedding was in Como Park. Which I had never been to. It was pretty darn cool! And cold. It was in the low 60's. In June. Who'd have thought?
  6. I have a black eye. Or rather the remnants of a black eye. The Babe head butted me one night last week. I think it was Wednesday. Everybody kept asking, "what happened". I just said, "I have a 3 year old."
  7. Got an invitation yesterday for a Chamber of Commerce networking event at the indoor water park. I can't figure out from the invitation if you are supposed to bring your swimsuit or not. The whole thing is really odd.
  8. BAM has no hair. We kind of shaved it off. It was supposed to just be short. But he ended up with something like a high and tight. Poor kid. We really should have thought this through better.
  9. I saw a guy with a mullet yesterday. His son also had a mullet. So did the daughter. I think their mom might have gotten carried away with the Flowbee. Can you believe they even still sell that thing?
  10. We posted an ad for an Executive Assistant this week. It went in the paper on Sunday morning. As of 11:00 AM on Tuesday we had 72 resumes. We supposedly live in an area with one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country. I'm not sure what to think about that.
If I can get home at a decent hour tonight I have some more rambling to do. No promises though. In the meantime, Enjoy your week!

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precious said...

It seems that you had a lot of fun! You have written some interesting things.