Friday, June 4, 2010

10 Random Things for a Friday

  1. I've done 8 of the 20 things on my list that was going to keep me from going crazy. 40% isn't bad right? We'll go for more over the weekend.
  2. My grandfather is in the last days of his life. He's led a full life. He's led a long life. It still sucks though.
  3. Having two two year olds in the house is quite an experience. I have a new appreciation for the parents of twins. And I wouldn't trade it for anything.
  4. The compressor of our A/C is apparently out. I'm waiting for the HVAC guy to call me back. It's supposed to be 87 degrees today. no fun. no fun at all.
  5. I still haven't unpacked the suitcase from last weekend. It's sitting at the top of the stairs. Where it's been since we got home on Monday. I probably should take care of that today.
  6. The only room in our house that is ready for company is the Babe's room. But she's been gone all week so it hasn't been hard to keep up in there. :)
  7. We watched the new Alice in Wonderland yesterday. What was it about this that everyone loved so much? Cool sets and effects but really nothing more than that. Not up to the hype though.
  8. My crocs have officially died. It's been a long time coming. So I really should have replaced them by now. But I haven't. Mostly because of the lack of disposable income. That seems to be the excuse for everything lately doesn't it.
  9. The dogs get fed 20 times a day. Thanks to little ones that think it is cool to fill up the food bowls. The dogs don't seem to mind.
  10. We've survived this week in one piece. Can't wait for the time when that won't seem so monumental.
Love y'all. Sorry this was so late today. I've been busy trying to figure out how to do some more things on that list. That and waiting for the HVAC guy. And cleaning the house. How does it get so disastered so fast?


Eric Alder said...

40 percent? So, you're still about 60 percent crazy, is that it?

Good luck!

Becki said...

I still haven't seen Alice, and now you're saying no rush...
Got it ;)