Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Things I Am Going To Do So I Don't Lose My Mind

I HAVE to get out of my head and plan for something. Anything that doesn't involve causing additional anxiety. I have enough of that already. So we are going to plan fun things. Stress relieving things.

  1. Take the majority of next week off. I have a ton of vacation days I need to burn.
  2. Spend as much time as possible cuddling with Lucas and telling him how much his Grandma loves him. Because you see... I get to be Grandma ALL OF NEXT WEEK!! I'm stealing him and making him come back with us to Omaha next week. It's going to be GREAT!
  3. Eat Sushi.
  4. Drink Sake.
  5. Have lunch with a friend I haven't talked to in at least a month.
  6. Take a nap.
  7. Call a friend that I have lost contact with.
  8. Get a massage. Doing that tomorrow. What do you bet I fall asleep?
  9. Watch a stupid sappy girly movie.
  10. Sing along to Mama Mia.
  11. Teach Lucas how to sign at least 5 new words. We'll shoot for 10. Taking suggestions on which words.
  12. Go to the library. Find the stupid CD that I checked out that I had to pay for but that I know is somewhere in this house. Which will probably cause more anxiety so maybe we'll leave out that part.
  13. Plant flowers.
  14. Take a nap.
  15. Hang a few pictures.
  16. Take at least 50 photos. Think I can definitely do that with Lucas around. :)
  17. Go into the place I usually go through the drive thru at and drink my coffee inside.
  18. Stick my feet in a body of water.
  19. Clean out my car and make it smell pretty.
  20. Go shopping for a dress for my cousin's wedding.
Ok. That's 20. How many do you think I can pull off?


Lanel said...

I like your plans for next week. Can't complain too much about mine. I have Monday off then I'm working Tuesday, Wednesday and a couple hours Thursday then headed to San Diego. Can't beat that. :)

Have a great week!

BigPerm said...

have you ever seen Signing Times on PBS? it is amazing!
they are on dvd at barnes and noble(maybe) and amazon (almost 100% sure).
i love them, they have life signs like thirsty, thank you, play, share, mom, dad, etc.
loads of episodes, catchy songs, lots of repetition.
i'm into it.
my 8 year old 2nd graders were way into it! all 22 of them!

Carolyn said...

We checked the signing time videos out from the public library when the Babe was 2 or 2 1/2. She LOVED them. And learned a lot of the signs she knows that way. They helped a lot with the frustrations when she knew what she wanted to say but we couldn't understand her yet. Now I will have the "signing time with Alex and Leah" stuck in my head for the rest of the day.