Friday, May 21, 2010

10 Random Things for a Friday

  1. The bedbugs I talked about on May 7th, were not in my own house. So quit your worrying. But do you know they are EVERYWHERE? And they are expensive to get rid of.
  2. I used to be friends on Facebook with a couple of people I know from back in the day. I am no longer "friends" with them. They must have "un-friended" me. I wonder what I did? Not that it really should matter but a little of that "I want them to like me" anxiety from back in junior high comes up. It's Facebook for heaven's sake. It doesn't matter. But I still wonder why.
  3. My BFTCMHBFTLFA commented this week that she "swears on everything holy - if HOUSE is hallucinating - I'm never watching it again!!!!!" I agree. It would just be too much.
  4. I'm allergic to codeine. And sulfa antibiotics. And paper tape. And mustard. Ever known anyone that was allergic to mustard? Nope. Me neither.
  5. When a mix of some kind just says "spices" I should really pay more attention. Probably shouldn't eat it. Because as was discussed above, I'm allergic to mustard. Ask the pusher. She made me shrimp with the mystery spice mix. It must have had ground mustard. Because I thought I was going to choke to death.
  6. My friend at work and I scheduled massages for next week. We made each other accountable for making sure that we go. I've been second guessing spending the money ever since.
  7. The Husband ended the conversation with the Babe last night, by saying "if we find a bug in the house that is half your size Babe, we will probably move out immediately." That is the only part of the conversation I caught. I didn't want to know the rest.
  8. Toy Story 3 opens on June 18th. I have already written it on my calender and scheduled the afternoon off to go to the movie with the Babe and her big sister.
  9. If you are standing on a bridge and the bridge is burning get off the bridge. -- The Husband
  10. The babe's favorite food this week is peanut butter.
How did your week go? Big plans for the weekend? No? Me neither. Probably should clean the house. Need to scrub the basement floor. Anybody want to come help? No? Me neither.

Be well friends. May your angels always move faster than you do.

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