Friday, May 28, 2010

10 Random Things for a Friday

  1. I still haven’t finished my to do list from Wednesday. Maybe taking next week off is not so hot of an idea.
  2. I am doing 2 of the things on yesterday’s “fun” list today.
  3. We are not going camping this Memorial Day weekend.That’s unusual for us. We will instead be going camping on the most ungodly hot weekend on record later in the summer.
  4. The Babe’s favorite food this week is Stonyfield drinkable yogurt.She is REALLY unhappy that she can’t have more than one a day.
  5. We have most of the garden planted.Again. Stupid deer.
  6. I switched to iced coffee instead of iced lattes at the coffee shop. It is WAY cheaper.
  7. There is still an Easter kind of welcome sign on my door to my office. I should probably take it down. But it is such a cute bunny.
  8. The Babe has a playdate scheduled with her cousin on Monday.She doesn’t know it yet because if she did she would drive me crazy until Monday got here.
  9. Verizon keeps telling me I need to upgrade my phone. Or rather that I CAN upgrade my phone. I don’t use all of the features of the phone I have now. Because I am cheap. That and the idea of being able to access my email 24 hours a day on my cell phone doesn’t really seem like something I want to do.
  10. I found the piece that was lost for my sewing machine. Now I can't remember where I moved the sewing machine to. It's probably on the front porch.
Happy 3 day weekend everybody. Think of us on Sunday. But more importantly, on Monday remember the reason we get this 3 day weekend in the first place.

Kisses all around.

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