Wednesday, October 8, 2008

6 things meme

Why do they call these things a meme? I don't get it. I'm sure it's obvious and I'm sure one of you wonderous peeps will tell me.

Anyway, Lanel tagged me to do one where I tell you 6 things you probably don't know about me. Considering that I have pretty much been an open book on this blog and that several of you fine readers know nearly everything there is to know about me...... I'm not sure I can come up with 6. But I'll try.

1. My first personal email was a address. I just checked and I can still get email at it. But there were 8661 new emails. That's a heck of a lot of spam.
2. My first car was a 1979 Subaru GL.
3. I am allergic to mustard and horseradish. Not quit breathing allergic. Just break out in big red splotches kind of allergic.
4. I have never been downhill skiing.
5. I have significant hearing loss in my left ear.
6. There are way too many pieces of scrapbook paper in the closet in the back room.

There you go. 6! I am sure that each of you already knew at least one of them. But it's harder than it looks.

I'm not much for tagging so feel free! And then leave a comment to let me know that you did it and I'll send you some linky love. :)

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Sharon said...

Oop...I knew #6, try again! :)