Thursday, September 4, 2008

Today is September 4th

How the heck did this happen? September? and the 4th of it at that. What happened to my summer? Did it really ever get hot? OK, that one week, but you can't count that one as a whole summer's heat. Why are we not having the Indian Summer we've had almost every year since we moved to this lovely end of the Midwest. I don't get it.

School has started. Football games have commenced in our backyard. And at night we have to put on shirt sleeves to sit on the deck. I have sorely missed summer. Even the tomatoes are confused and never did put out anything that can even remotely be called a summer's bounty. And Halloween stuff was being stocked at Target today when I went there to pick up more Fiber One bars and dried fruit at lunchtime. What is this "bring on fall" conspiracy?

But it does come with some niceties.
  • We can sit on the back deck in shirt sleeves and maybe a light jacket
  • The marching band is sounding better.
  • Last night was the freshman football game at the high school. When we first got outside, the announcer was yelling, "Touchdown Thunderbirds!" I repeated the TOUCHDOWN and put my arms up in the air like the refs do. The little one thought it was hilarious and started laughing and copied me. Then every time she heard the announcer she'd say again, "TOUCHDOWN" and put her arms up. It was a good 15 minutes worth of entertainment.
  • The mosquitoes have all but gone away.
  • The leaves on my gorgeous burning bush are starting to change.
  • We turned off the air and have opened all of the windows. LOVE IT!
  • Apple and Pears will be appearing soon.
  • My birthday is in 12 days. (HINT HINT!!) Somebody remind hubby.
  • Camping is bearable.

Still can't believe it is September. But it is. And other than the fact that we are one month closer to snow.... I guess it isn't so bad. Guess I better drag out my favorite sweatshirt.

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Lanel said... said the "s" word. TskTsk.

Glad to hear we're not the only ones that didn't have a summer. I said I like winter, right? At least I keep reminding myself of that.