Wednesday, September 10, 2008

10 Random Things for a Friday

Yes. I know it's really Wednesday. But it's MY Friday. Because you see, I'm going to SCRAPFEST and have no intention of getting online on Friday. I'll be way to busy doing make and takes and what not. So here you go.

10 Random Things for a Friday (even though it is really Wednesday)
  1. I took more than 200 pictures in the last week. Granted only about 30 of those are one "to keep" but I took a lot. I'm proud of myself. And have I mentioned how much I LOVE digital photography? 200 standard film photos would just be insanely expensive to develop.
  2. I hate everything in my closet. I'm sick of the clothes that I have. But I hate shopping and I have no available clothing budget. Bray needs fall clothes worse than I do. So I am stuck with what I have for the foreseeable future.
  3. I've been nursing a Blue Monster this morning. The sugar-free energy drink, not Grover or Cookie Monster. I am now experiencing a wicked Taurine and Caffeine high.
  4. I am way overdue on doing employee evaluations. I think I'm going to just give them all a copy of last year's eval and their respective raises. Do you think anyone will notice?
  5. In case you missed it before... I'm going with two girl friends to Minneapolis this weekend for Scrapfest . I'm a little excited. Can you tell?
  6. One of my tax clients is driving me insane. It's only September and they have called 5 times this week to ask questions about this year's return. Aye Ca rumba.
  7. I miss baby Lucas. and his dad. I want to see them. But Jr. says they are doing well so for that I am glad.
  8. Baby BAM and his momma have been at our house every day this week so far. I LOVE it!
  9. Son2 has an interview for a cool new job on Thursday. Not a "career" job, but it's out of restaurant work so he's excited.
  10. Does anybody own a juicer that they just LOVE? I am wanting to buy one. And the Juiceman juicer we used to have sucks to clean. I don't really want another one like it. Anybody have any suggestions?

Happy Wednesday! Celebrate Hump day in whatever way suits you best. Just make sure if makes you smile.

OK, now pretend it is Friday. HAPPY Friday! Have a great weekend!

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