Friday, September 26, 2008

10 Random Things for a Friday

  1. Roosters do not crow just in the morning. Either that or mine is confused.

  2. Kashi is giving away free cookies! Dark chocolate. yummm.

  3. I dyed new mom's hair this week. (at her request) It was supposed to be a strawberry blonde. It's more of a dark auburn. I think she wanted something brighter.

  4. I put away the last of the citronella candles yesterday. Yet another sign of fall.

  5. We have a volunteer squash plant growing near (and on) our heat pump. It's from one that didn't get picked up after the wedding last October. Little one keeps checking every day for ones that are big enough to pick.

  6. Hubby and Son2 cleaned up volunteer trees from the fence line yesterday. They completely filled the dump cart. Twice. See. Told you we were behind on yard work.

  7. Little one and I have eaten an apple directly off of the tree 4 times this week. Maybe this weekend I'll make applesauce. Hubby has ordered apple crisp as well.

  8. Little one is sick. Today is day 5 of an unexplained fever. Took her for a couple of diagnostic things at the hospital yesterday. I just wish they'd find something so she can take something and feel better. And so we can all sleep straight through the night.

  9. We moved the dune buggys. They still don't run. Apparently they can't find the right parts. I am sad. I want to ride the dunes. And I want them out of my yard. :)

  10. Last weekend was the 5th annual family walk and bike ride event for Project Jason. We walked. Until little one would walk no more. and it then became the 1st annual carry your child for more than a mile event. Next time I need bring a stroller. Somebody remind me, OK? Thanks.

Check back later tonight. I'll try to get pictures uploaded after little one goes to bed. Kisses!

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