Friday, March 7, 2008

10 Random Things for a Friday

  1. Eric (Son2) found out yesterday that he has everything he needs done to get his GED. This is huge. He took the classes, passed the tests, and now he is done! He is so proud. And I am very proud of him.
  2. I am feeling like a bad blogger because I haven't posted since last Friday's 10 things. :(
  3. I am leaving in about 4 hours for KC. I will get to see my best friend that lives far away! This weekend is a scrapbooking weekend. My creative side is VERY happy for that.
  4. We are adding a cute little puppy to our family on Sunday. :)
  5. I spent the week playing catch up for all the things I pushed aside the weeks before because of the big project.
  6. I have done more taxes this week than any other this tax season. Have you filed yours?
  7. My house is a mess. And I don't think I care. Ok, obviously I do or I wouldn't even mention it. LOL
  8. I have only had 3 diet Cokes this week. I've been good don't you think? My Coke Rewards points balance is hurting though.
  9. Jr is in culinary classes at the college. For one of his classes he has to make a vegan menu this week. I had lots of fun sharing some of my favorite vegan blogs with him and referring him to recipe archives on my favorite veggie recipe site.
  10. The great pregnant one and I are taking "natural" childbirth classes. The next 5 weeks should be interesting.

Happy weekend! I'll try and check in on Sunday night! Promise.

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Harmony said...

Can't wait to see puppy pictures!

And YAY for natural childbirth. It was definitely my first choice, and luckily nature cooperated!