Thursday, March 27, 2008

Not two weeks but pretty close

I'm a bad blogger. I admit it. I go in spurts don't I. Sometimes I run my mouth off like a bad case of verbal manic. Other times I just don't. I think it's just because I feel like I am rambling. Then again, it could just be that I have nothing to say. LOL Me with nothing to say. Yeah right. You know better than that. I think it is more the other reasons. Why I haven't blogged for two weeks:

I'm behind on the book club selection this month. I'll be lucky to get it done before we meet tomorrow night.

I've been on the computer so much working that when I'm not working I've stayed off the computer.

Last time I was on the computer for leisure it was to look up chickens. Don't ask. I'll explain later.

Baby class has taken up a night a week.

I had nothing important to say.

David Letterman has been yawnable and I haven't stayed up that late except tonight. And that's usually when I get my blogging done. I haven't really taken a "lunch hour" in a few weeks. That's the other time I usually get my blogging done.

I've become addicted to other people's blogs. Mahala makes me laugh. I have to catch up with what's going on with Harmony and Maggie. Unclutterer and Zen Habits have so much to teach me. And the food blogs. Who knew there were so many good veggie recipes out there? Oh and the scrapbook blogs. See! It's never ending.

Blockbuster sent me new movies. We're watching Enchanted tomorrow night after book club. If I can stay awake that late.

I've been planning a garden.

I decided to get a part time job helping a friend who is helping me by giving me a part time job to pay off my IRS bill.

I've been doing taxes.

Started selling Partylite again! Want to have a spa or candle party? I'm your gal!

Ok. I see I have no excuse really. I promise to try and do better. :) See BFTLFA! I posted. Now you have something to read.

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Anonymous said...

"bout time! LOL

Thanks. I didn't want to 'guilt' you into posting, but come ON - I need SOMETHING to occupy my time while you're off scrapbooking with your BFTLCTY.....:p

Love you! Grandma. :teehee