Thursday, November 13, 2008

Need a Dream Analyzer

Do you analyze dreams? If so, run this one through your analyzing tool.

Night before last -- I had a dream that we woke up in the morning and "they" had disconnected our water for non-payment. There was even a notice posted on the bathroom door telling me as much.

Sad I tell you. What does it mean? What is my subconcious trying to tell me? The obvious would of course be that it is telling me to make sure I have paid the water bill. Which I haven't. But I don't have to. You see, we have a well and a septic. And therefore there is no proverbial "they" to shut off the water.

Struck me as pretty darn funny. Probably not you. But it did me. And it did Mistry. Because when I told her about it last night she laughed with me. Or at me. Not sure which now that I think about it. It could be the large quantity of alcohol that she had injested though. We never know with her.

Your analysis?

1 comment:

MistryUnique said...

Okay - I read this the other day...and I was going to post, "LARGE QUANTITY"???? naaahhh....not ME. *bats eyes innocently*

THEN - this morning - after a LARGE cup of STRONG coffee...I just got it.

YOU DREAMED THIS???? *spit* I just realized you said you DREAMED THIS. I so totally thought you really did find a notice to shut off your did I miss the dream part????

ROFLMAOPMP. Yeah. That'e me. QUICK. and :p