Monday, November 24, 2008

9 things I found on Etsy that I think I can't live without

  1. This is Kelly Rae. I hope to one day shake her hand and tell her that her art makes me feel good. She is truly inspired and inspiring.
  2. Boys are Blockheads prints from this guy will TOTALLY be going into my house.
  3. This illustrator will most likely be making an appearance in the little one's room.
  4. It's not so much what this says that makes me giggle. It's what the seller says. in the description. I mean "for this price you can get whatever size you want" I know that's not what it says. but I read it like "if you are wacked enough to pay $10 you can have whatever size you want". Don't ask. too many drugs today I think.
  5. $60,000 for a cell phone photo. It made me laugh. It was supposed to. I hope.
  6. I love coffee. I used to love, Elsie scrapbook stuff too. but now I just love her etsy stuff
  7. Jaw Dropping Vegan Soap. This makes me laugh. I wish I had an extra bathroom to put this soap in. It would clash with the current decor. But it'd be damn funny.
  8. Felt veggies. playing with your food has never been so fun.
  9. This isn't on etsy. But it's my friend Candice's online store. She's way cooler than etsy. And she's by far and away the one that will get the most of my holiday shopping money this year.

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