Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Day After The Day They Stuffed Themselves Volume 2

I spent a good deal of time on Thursday night going over the ads with New Mom. We didn't find anything we absolutely HAD to have. Except of course the Wii. Which she is obsessed with. And which she is convinced that someone is going to put one under her tree this year. So not finding much, we decided that we were probably not going to go shopping. Then the stamp pusher called. She wanted to go to Penney's at 4 am. I said no way. She said she was going anyway and then wanted to be at Target when they opened at 6. Thinking 6 sounded more reasonable, I agreed to meet her at her house for the 6 am leg of her shopping adventure.

So off to Target we went. At 6 AM. There was a line outside. Target. you know. the store with no "doorbuster" deals. they had a line outside. probably 200+ people were waiting outside for I never did figure out what. Me, I bought quite a few $4 & $6 DVDs.

Then, not finding that we HAD to have anything else at any other store.... the stamp pusher and I made the absolutely mind numbing choice to go home. At 7 am.

I went shopping the day after Thanksgiving aka Black Friday and I was home by 7 am. Mark this down. I was proud. not of the 7 am thing. but of the $$ I didn't spend thing. It was remarkable. for me at least.

went home. hung out with the little one and the hubby. cleaned the kitchen from the chaos the day before. took a nap. then the new mama called. she wanted to go shopping. for scrubs at garden ridge. they were $4 today after all. so I agreed. maybe we'll stop at halfprice books after and raid the Dr Seuss stash. no big deal.

right? right.

Then there I was. standing in Garden Ridge. Where Christmas had exploded and left a zillion Christmas trees and ornaments and home decorating ideas all over the place. There I was. with my lovely new mama daughter. and my beautiful BAM grandson. And the little one. the one that is two. and all of a sudden my 19 year old daughter and my 2 year old daughter saw this Christmas decoration explosion. and I saw the looks in their eyes. and then the two had this little subliminal plotting conversation. and the next thing I know, I have a 6 ft blow up santa to go next to the 6 foot sized snowman that we already have at home. and we have a new seasonal welcome mat. and we have the cutest little hoho hat for little one. she tried on several I am here to tell you. and something else. what was that other thing. I may have to check my receipt. but there was something else.

and then we went to half price books. Don't ever take a 2 year old to half price books. especially one that lives to be read to. it was worse than the trip to the library. because I limited her to two. mommy however didn't have a limit and numerous Christmas presents were purchased.

then we went to burlington coat factory. where they have a baby depot. dang that big baby section. new mama and I had to talk each other out of MANY purchases.

then to Target. it was supposed to be for diapers and frozen pizza. um. yeah. that's what we went for. and then it was all over but the crying.

so much for being proud of the little bit of $$ I spent the day after Thanksgiving. note to self. Next year: leave the girls at home. LOL

Hope you had a more economical day than I. all is well though. I didn't charge anything so we are still good. :)

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