Monday, May 9, 2011

Remember Me?

Hello. It is me. The one that you thought had abandoned you. I didn't. I was just on a hiatus. Can't remember exactly why now. I'd still be there except I have something I need to b**ch about for a minute. And that is what the blog you are reading was started for. A way to bi**h/whine/moan/complain/rant/yell/vent or otherwise deflate my overwhelming sense of whatever the h3ll this is. That said: Top 10 things I "want to post on Facebook but people would not understand it out of context and would elicit a string of comments that I really don't want to deal with right now".
  1. Get over yourself. I don't care. Neither does anyone else.
  2. Cryptic? Yes, you are. But that's OK with me. Just don't get pissed when people start asking you invasive questions afterwards.
  3. If you post a link to it with no comment to the contrary, people are going to assume that you agree with it. If you don't? You should probably re-think the general idea of your link/post/tag.
  4. Quit taking pictures of yourself in the mirror. No one looks good that way. Especially when we can still see the camera IN THE PHOTO!!
  5. No. I didn't get a nap today. What is your point?
  6. I don't care what animal pooped in the garden in your Country Farm Town Life today. Can you please shut off those postings? Yeah. Thanks.
  7. I don't play Country Farm Town Life. You can send me ALL of the requests you want. I still won't play.
  8. I didn't see your post/invite/cause request. It isn't personal. It was just buried in my "Country Farm Town Life" requests. It will only hold 99 of them you know.
  9. No. I wasn't on here all day. My computer just thought I was because I forgot to close the tab. That said... how would you think that I was on her all day if you hadn't been on here all day to SEE that I was ON HERE all day?
  10. I didn't want to talk to you before we graduated High School. Why would I want to talk to you now?
Facebook sucks by the way. The fact that I am on it daily does not take away from that. I just now feel obligated to get sucked on more inch into the virtual world. I'll let you know when my last toe is replaced by nano-prob-y things. I'll beep at you in morse code at least.

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