Friday, May 27, 2011

10 Random Things for a Friday

  1. I want to learn to play the ukulele. This is solely so I can play "Love Shack".
  2. I spent most of Wednesday sitting at my desk crying off and on. I wonder if days like that will ever stop.
  3. The Babe is going to be gone all next week. Is she really old enough to be staying with someone else for an entire week?
  4. I have no idea what I am going to do with myself for a whole week with no Babe.
  5. While not always G or PG rated this blog makes me LAUGH!! It did however about give my husband a coronary when I left it on on his computer and he came home to the sex words on his screen.
  6. Fritz the Cat is in the animation category on Netflix. I about died when the Babe turned it on. Yes, my 4 year old can run Netflix on the TV. That said, did you know there are no parental controls on Netflix?
  7. My sister and her family just came back from a cruise. I am WAY jealous. I need a cruise.
  8. I bought a powerball ticket for Wednesday's drawing. I haven't checked it yet. I should probably do that. Maybe I can afford a cruise!
  9. I have been looking at a lot of pictures of fireflies this week. Did you know there aren't many drawings of fireflies other than ones that are just lights?
  10. I have to go drive to Des Moines. I hate driving to Des Moines. But I figured out that I have made the Omaha - Cedar Rapids or Omaha - Des Moines trip nearly 80 times in the last 9 years. That's pretty nuts. Does explain why I hate driving that way though.
OK Kids. We are off to the zoo week. Emotional week. The one where I often crack. Let's see how much Ativan it takes to get through it this year. Anybody want to start the bidding?

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