Wednesday, May 25, 2011

National Missing Children's Day 2011

Today is National Missing Children’s Day.

I’ve been trying to figure out all morning what to say about about it on Facebook. I can't seem to figure out the condensed into a "however many characters fit in my status" message.

  • Please take the opportunities today to hug the children in your life.
  • Take a few minutes to talk to them about safety.
  • Make sure you know what your kids are doing on the internet. Help them know what is safe and what is NOT. Learn for yourself what is safe and what is NOT.
  • Say a prayer for those who can’t do the same today -- those who have missing children. Those who have children that have been abducted and murdered.
  • Take a look at the pictures of the missing kids in your area on Missing -- Kids come HOME because of people that see their picture and recognize them and get involved.
  • Take a "mugshot" kind of picture of your child. Do you know how long it took me to find a good full front picture of Erin? We hadn't bought school pictures that year. We didn't have the money. The one we ended up using for all of the posters was a picture the school took for her school ID.
  • Go read this about runaways and one BIG thing you can do to help prevent it with your own kids.
  • Hug the kids in your life again.
But most of all..... Please pray, send positive energy, send angels (whatever it is that you do or believe) for all of the kids that are still missing. The ones that are with people that are supposed to love them and keep them safe but that are keeping them from the parents or guardians that they are legally supposed to be with. The kids that are out there and are being held against their will. The ones that think will never be able to go home. The ones that are stuck in a human trafficking situation. The ones that are being abused. The teenagers that thought that running away was their only option and now they don't know what to do. Please pray for the kids that just want to GO HOME.

Now how do I summarize the above into a status update?

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