Monday, December 13, 2010


I think I may have broken my ischium. Yes. I did just say it. I think I broke my butt.

{Yes Mom. I did just use the word butt on my blog. Sorry. It just sounded like it would get the point across better than "I broke my hiney." or "I broke I broke my bum."}

Remember back in July when I was complaining about falling apart? And I told you about how being an idiot and wearing Crocs in the rain maybe wasn't such a good idea? Well it wasn't.

It's been more than 5 months since it happened. And it still hurts to sit almost every possible way. And leaning to my left when sitting down is IMPOSSIBLE to do without wanting to cry. And I can't sit up straight on the just about anything including the big couch because I always seem to find the supporting board that goes through the middle of it. Did you know the couch had a support board through the center of it? Well it does. My ischium can tell you exactly where it is. And it hurts.

And because I seem to always tell you more than you want to know, I'll tell you that I realized this weekend that the only time that my rear doesn't hurt sitting down is when I am sitting on the toilet. I even went so far as to sit on the toilet at work on Saturday with my clothes on. Just so I could take the pressure off of my ischium for a few minutes. And yes. I was at work on Saturday. I know it sucks. Feel sorry for me. But only because my tail hurts and not because I was at work on Saturday.

And yes. I did just write 291 words about my broken tail. I'm sure you expected no less.

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Eric Alder said...

I've heard people say their ass was broke, but never literally.

(What a pain in the butt! I'm sure the doctor will tell you to stay off it for awhile - LOL!)

Feel better soon!