Monday, December 20, 2010

Fa La La La La La La La La

Was that enough "La's"?

If you've been around for anything more than a year, it will come as no surprise that I am always behind in the Christmas spiriting. It's downright hard most years. But every year is a little better. Every year I try to get a little less Grinchy. Sometimes I do alright. Others not so much. Last year I apparently lived in Blogging Christmas denial because there is not a single Christmasy post in December 2009. How did that happen? Check out any post for any late December in any other year past and you'll get an idea of the whole progression. But I SWEAR I'm trying.

But here we are again. On December 20th. And I am NOwhere near ready for the joyous holiday. Shopping? not done. Decorations? um.... nada. Haven't even bought a tree or a wreath. Which last year worked just fine as it was the every other year that we are in CR for Christmas. This year we are hosting. And the tinsel is still in the boxes in the basement. Not so sure that will fly with the Big kids when they all come over on Saturday.

So here is the fa la la plans for the next few days.

Tuesday - well. I have to work until 7:30 tomorrow night so probably the best we can hope for is cleaning the living room. We'll be doing Toys for Tots distribution in the afternoon, so that'll have to qualify as my holiday attempt for tomorrow.

Wednesday - Go buy a tree? Do you think anybody will have any left?

Thursday -- Panic sets in. Don't have to work. Will probably go finish the shopping. probably should balance the checkbook first. A Santa visit will have to happen too. Assuming the Babe will behave long enough to go to the mall and return some Lands End stuff to Sears and then go see the Holly Jolly guy.

Friday - grocery shopping. Trader Joe's. Cheap wine for having around while everyone is over. and I need to change the litter box. not sure what that has to do with Holidaying but the cat just walked by and I lost my train of thought.

After that it's anybody's guess. I'm thinking hot rolls maybe. And maybe a pie. I finally found a pie crust that is easy to make and turns out well. So yes. probably a pie. Sweet potato maybe?

Somebody call me tomorrow and check in on the holiday progress. I'm going to need someone to hold me to it.

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