Friday, March 5, 2010

10 Random Things for a Friday

Don't have a heart attack. I'm posting. I know. It's been a while. And I'm sure you've missed me. But I'm sure you really haven't because I'm sure you're probably my friend on Facebook too. If not... go here. My Facebook page Because you should be. Because then you'd know I wasn't dead or holing up somewhere hiding from the world. So here are 10 things I haven't told you on Facebook. :)

  1. I am at my wit's end with the Babe and bedtimes. Seriously. Unless YOU are in bed, she refuses to go to bed and/or go to sleep. And yes, I know I am the parent and what I say goes, but it's a battle EVERY night. On the rare occasion that she does fall asleep it is in the middle of the room in a pile of stuffed animals or books or toys. I'm open to any and all ideas that won't bring on visits from CPS.
  2. I want this brush. I know it is $90 and I'll never spend that much money on ANY beauty product. But I've read several reviews on it. Just google. "Best hairbrush" and see what you get. It's like 5 of the first 10.
  3. Neither Jack the Cat or Sally the Skunk Dog are too happy about the puppy. Oh that's right. I haven't posted in 11 weeks and you who aren't friends with me on Facebook have no CLUE we even had puppies. Roxanne had 3 puppies New Year's Eve. We have one left. I think she has a new home tomorrow. Which is good. Because Sally's little temper tantrums over the puppy are about as annoying as I can handle.
  4. I haven't been to Cedar Rapids since Christmas. I think this may be a new record.
  5. I took on ZERO new clients this tax season. It's been pretty quiet. Which is fine with me.
  6. My love affair with direct sales has taken a new turn. I signed up last week to be a consultant with The Pampered Chef. Now this brings me full circle in the direct sales world. This was the first DS company I ever looked at signing with. Decided against it for some reason I can't remember. And now here I am with it once again. Let's see where it goes. :) Anybody want to book a show? lol
  7. The vet visit last week cost me $160. And I didn't even buy any pet meds to bring home. Which reminds me... I need to go place an order with PetMeds.
  8. I need a new spring purse. I need to get a hold of Candice and see if she can hook me up.
  9. We REALLY want to buy a Wii. May just do so if this puppy sells tomorrow.
  10. My laptop keyboard has 3 keys missing now. Thank you to the baby BAM.
Ok. Now I will make as many efforts as possible to not wait until the 17th of nowhere near this month to post again.

Hugs and big sloppy kisses!


The Queen of Chaos said...

Welcome back.

Becki said...

Hope the three missing keys aren't important ones ;)
And best of luck with your new business venture! Did you forget to post your consultant page, or don't they give them?

Mistry said...

And I'm hearing about this on your blog......WHY? :p PC consultant....great. Now I know where my school loan money can go....

Sharon said...

You're BACK....granted I am both RL (real life) and FB friends with you, it's nice to know what's rattling around in that brain of yours! Let me know how a June PC party sounds, or if you need it sooner.

Candejo said...

LOL Hopefully a little "monkeying around" will help that #1 issue. ;) Miss you!