Friday, March 26, 2010

10 Random Things for a Friday

  1. Chocolate only grows within 20 degrees of the equator. I learned that on the History Channel. Which is on in my house about 50% of the time the TV is on. Archaeologists found licorice in King Tut's tomb. See what you are missing by not watching the History channel? yeah I know. I'm just too lazy to get up and shut it off most of the time.
  2. My friend Chris works for Prudential. Investments and Insurance he is. :) He did a new quote for us for Home, Auto, Life insurance. I do believe we are making the switch. Considering we have all 3 at the moment with 3 different companies it sure will make things easier. Need insurance? Let me know. I'll hook you up.
  3. Pampered Chef really sells itself. It's kind of cool. Now if only I could get some more parties booked. Can you say part time income?
  4. The greenhouse is up in the Baker's parking lot. This makes me VERY happy. Which reminds me, I still haven't ordered the chicks. I should probably get on that.
  5. BAM stayed at our house last night. I LOVE being a grandma. It is so cool. Spoil them rotten and send them home. You should try it. It's pretty rockin.
  6. The hubby fell asleep on the couch at 9:00 last night. He had just finished telling me the things he was going to do before he went to bed. lol. ZERO done.
  7. I could actually park my car in the garage if I wanted to. I don't think that's been true since we moved in. I think I might try it tomorrow. But probably not. Because I'm sure Hubby had plans for something else to move into it. That's probably why he cleaned it out.
  8. I've always wanted to travel to Europe and sleep in a hostel and sleep on a train. To fall sleep in one country and wake up in another. I think that should be on my list of things to do before I die. Do you have a bucket list? #1 on mine is to go get a passport. :)
  9. Anne Rice has a video on I Am Second. Inspiring. I wish there was a group in Omaha. The whole movement is kind of cool. Movement that I really don't understand? The Tea Party stuff. Seriously? Aren't they just the republicans of the 80's revisited?
  10. I wrote this on Thursday night. So I really kind of cheated. But "10 Random Things for a Friday that I wrote on Thursday Night" just doesn't seem right.
Kids. It's the downhill slide to the weekend. Are you doing anything fun? You should definitely fit fun into the next few days. You've earned it.

Hey spell check says I spelled "definitely" correctly. That's a first! Oh. Wait. That just made 11. Maybe I should expand this whole 10 thing. Nah. Too much pressure.



Rosita said...

chocolate <3

Mike said...

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Becki said...

Glad your Pampered Chef business is going already know the rest - make the calls and the bookings will come. Honest. I've been testing it myself this year ;)

Mistry said...

I knew I needed to move closer to the equator....

...and NO - I will NOT try the whole 'grandma' thing - not anytime soon - PLEASE LORD, hear my prayer! :p

and....But "10 Random Things for a Friday that I wrote on Thursday Night" Sounds WONDERFUL.

Of course I am the person who calls you "mbftlfa" so - I get the long name thing. ;)