Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Vanilla Ice

This morning as I was taking Son2 to work, "Under Pressure" came on the radio. The beginning stanza comes on and Son2 says, "are they seriously playing Ice Ice Baby on the Brew?" I pointed out they may have similar rifts in one place but that the song was definitely not the Vanilla Ice song he was expecting. Son2 says, "yeah I thought that was odd." Then says, "I remember when he as popular though. It lasted all of what, a month?" I think it may have been a little longer. ;)

Got me thinking about the where are they now stuff. If I watched VH1 reality shows I'd probably know but I don't.

But then the Vanilla Ice memories kicked in. Spanky's. The bowling alley pseudo dance floor. Casey's Top 40 countdown. I do wonder what happened to some of the people I knew then though.

What's your Vanilla Ice memory? And did you know he's still making new albums and touring? Who would've guessed?

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Lanel said...

Oooooooohhhhhhhh, I have a Vanilla Ice - Ice, Ice, Baby memory. LOL The very first time I drove without my parents in the car after I got my drivers license was to take some friends to lunch during school...this song was on the radio. I'm sure there were other songs too but this is the one I remember. LOL :)