Friday, April 4, 2008

10 Random Things for a Friday

  1. I have a headache. Not a bad one. Just annoying more than anything.
  2. I am looking forward to a Partylite spa party at my friend Sharon's house tomorrow. This is going to be a blast!
  3. It is supposed to rain on Sunday. I feel bad for hubby. It's his only day off this week and it's supposed to rain.
  4. The chickens are growing. And the more they grow the more they stink. Can't wait to move them to the front porch. Hopefully it will be warm enough this weekend.
  5. Tonight is book club. Yeah, I know I said it was last week. And I even drove all the way out west and went into where it was supposed to be. But I was a week early. Me, early. Imagine that.
  6. Saturday morning will be devoted to putting more seeds in the ground to grow green things. That and digging for more of the fence. I figure if I put the green things in the ground, I'll have more incentive to get the fence up before the bunnies find my sprouts.
  7. I hit 1000 blog hits at some point in the last couple of weeks. Not sure how the heck that happened. You people must be pretty bored. LOL
  8. Work is work. I have a to do list that is longer than is reasonable. I need a grant to fall out of the sky to fund the salary for another person. Either that or I need someone that will come work for pennies. Know anybody like that?
  9. I was going to go through 10 random this week without mentioning that I wanted sushi. But I changed my mind. We found a sushi place near Sharon that's pretty darn good. Maybe tomorrow for lunch. :)
  10. GPO Update: the baby is doing well. According to the most recent photo shoot all parts and organs are where they are supposed to be. He's gained a little but not much. He even has hair. Did you know that you can see hair on an ultrasound? It's pretty cool. GPO on the other hand... she's ready to be done being the GPO. I can imagine. She does look pretty uncomfortable lately.

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Harmony said...

Headaches suck. Hope it went away for the weekend!