Friday, April 11, 2008

10 Random Things for a Friday

  1. I am having one of those days where if one more stupid thing happens I may just snap. I know you know what I mean because we've all had them. A ton of little things that just build because you can't let them slide off for whatever reason. The kind of day when the little men in the white coats could show up and you'd gladly go with them just for the quiet time and someone else to do the laundry and cook supper.
  2. I have this odd desire to make granola or granola bars. It's the fault of these silly food blogs I've become addicted to. I sit here at lunch and eat my Amy's frozen dinners and drool over food blogs. I think I may make Joyful Abode's bars. They look pretty good. Or maybe these or these. See it's a conspiracy. The universe wants me to make granola.
  3. Outstanding today's Siouxsie and the Banshees that I blew at you earlier, I'm on this odd folky kick this week. No clue why. Can't explain it. Please don't ask me to.
  4. Son2 got a 2nd job this week. He's pretty cool that way. Ever been to Moe's? Go on Monday. They have a good burrito deal. Besides. They give you more chips and salsa than you can reasonably eat for lunch. And who can't use leftover chips and salsa?
  5. Jr says Lucas is finally starting to be a little less colicy. They may finally get to sleep sometime this year!
  6. Erin's birthday is Monday. That makes me sad.
  7. I had a baja blast and a 7-layer burrito for lunch.
  8. Willy still smells like skunk on his head. It's less pronounced and you can be in the same room with him again but he stinks still. I may have to make a trip to Petco today. Which reminds me. We need cat food.
  9. Wonder if I can talk hubby or Son2 into going to see Horton Hears A Who this weekend.
  10. GPO update: the upcoming arrival is measuring at 5# 13oz. (Ultrasounds still amaze me.)And she is making progress. Looks like we might get a baby this month! Another 5 days and she'll be past the day I thought she'd deliver. So that's a good thing!

Please note there was no mention of Sushi or Sake bombs in the above 10 things.

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Harmony said...

I think mentioning Sushi and Sake to say you didn't mention them, means you mentioned them. Just sayin.

{{hugs}} to you for Erin's birthday yesterday. I still think of her and hope for resolution for you all someday.