Friday, April 18, 2008

10 Random Things for a Friday

  1. I accomplished little to nothing at work today because the phone wouldn't quit ringing.
  2. On Tuesday, I decided to lay off caffeine for a while after reading this article. On Wednesday morning I had to drop Son2 off at work at the burrito place which is right by Starbucks. So much for that idea.
  3. We had Jimmy John's for lunch. I had a #6 and a pickle. It was good. :) It always makes me smile when I say their name. Not because of the #6 and the pickle but because it makes me think of Jr. and that makes me smile.
  4. Families Helping Families is having their Gala this weekend. I REALLY want to go. But alas, we are on baby watch and I've been told I can't leave town. If you are within driving distance of Cedar Rapids and have an open social calendar tomorrow night, you should really go. Tell them I sent you. Or don't. They'll probably charge you double.
  5. Somebody remind me to call Lamar next week about getting a discount on another billboard.
  6. Tomorrow is Stamp Club at the Stamp Pushers house. Gotta get my fix.
  7. Honda CRVs are stalking me.
  8. It's supposed to be 75 on Sunday. Yippee!
  9. I had another "everything is for a reason" moment this morning. It was one of those "a really not so good thing happened in someone's life but something completely perfect and life changing came out of it" kind of things. I like those moments.
  10. GPO Update. I don't know why she hasn't had the baby yet. It could be any day. But I cancelled my trip out of town Tuesday-Thursday. That's why the baby hasn't made his appearance yet. Had I left town...he'd have shown up. Betting GPO wishes I'd left now. LOL


Lanel said...

Hey -- can I copy and do 10 Random things for Friday too???? Huh? :)

Carolyn said...

I'd love to read yours!