Friday, May 29, 2009

10 Random Things for a Friday

  1. don't ask why I am up after midnight writing this.
  2. You know that video below with the piano/cello duet? OMG. I am in love with Jon Schmidt's music. So is Little One. We listened to the songs on his site over and over tonight. She pretends to play the different instruments and dances while I do the dishes and pick up the living room. Forgot how much I love this kind of music.
  3. Baby BAM is walking. We are up to about 8 steps at a time!
  4. BAM's mama is still off work on medical leave. She sees the doc next week. Here's hoping!
  5. I'm wishing this weekend was already over. Isn't this supposed to get easier?
  6. I need to clean my car.
  7. Willy isn't doing so well. We should probably start counting the good days vs the bad days. But I don't want to think about that either. :(
  8. Jr has to get 5 teeth pulled on Tuesday. 4 wisdom and 1 other that is cracked. Poor guy.
  9. We are going camping tonight. Little One is excited to "go play in the woods and throw rocks in the water."
  10. I'm actually going to kill a few vacation days next week.

I know these are short and sweet. and dull. It's been a week like that.

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