Friday, May 8, 2009

10 Random Things for a Friday

Two posts in eight days. Are you shocked? Did you just fall out of your chair? Amazing aren't I? But here you go..... I'll try and get some pics posted over the weekend. Unless of course it is sunny and happy out and then you'll probably be on your own...

  1. Ever since I read this recipe for the best broccoli of your life I've been wanting to make it. But I keep backing out at the last minute. Falling back to the standard steamed or cooked in a very light cheese sauce versions I'm used to. But I made it this week. Kind of. OK, not really even close. I roasted broccoli with olive oil and salt and pepper. So not really even close to the recipe but the cooking method was the same so that should count for something. I would have made it with the garlic and the lemon and the Parmesan. But I thought I had a three on hand and it turns out the last of last year's garlic was dried out and the lemon looked funny and I have no clue why I thought I had fresh Parmesan because I definitely haven't bought any in a very long while. But it was good. Real good actually. Hubby and the Little One and I ate 2 big heads of broccoli that way.
  2. My friend Dea Jo posted this pic on Facebook of the two of us. We looked so darn happy. Either that or we were laughing over something stupid.
  3. I am totally in love with Saturday mornings and farmer's markets. Tomorrow I'll be buying some bedding plants for the veggie garden. :) I love spring. :D Have you been to a farmer's market near you yet this season?
  4. Little One will do just about anything this week if she is earning a trip to "have coffee and sit in the chairs". No. I don't really give her coffee. It's usually juice or milk for her and tea for me. But you have to be grown up and sit in the chairs. Even if it's just for 5 minutes. And then she's as happy as a bird.
  5. We haven't had baby BAM much this week. It's been quiet.
  6. Out of 11 appointments I had scheduled for Wednesday, 3 showed up.
  7. There is no candy in the candy dish on my desk.
  8. The flowers from 2 weeks ago are still looking good. I'm buying daisies more often!
  9. I've been watching Craig's list for swing sets and outdoor kid's toys.
  10. I haven't had a single morel mushroom this season. That makes me sad.

Happy happy and joy joy! I swear. I'll try and get pics posted this weekend. :)

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Lanel said...

No, I haven't been to a farmer's market near me yet this season because there is NO farmer's market near me yet this season. :( Sigh. I think it might be opening this weekend otherwise maybe next weekend. I REALLY wish they'd advertise a little better (aka at all) when it opens so I could plan. Can't wait.

My niece & nephews love to "go to coffee" with me too. They get chocolate milk or hot cocoa but the little guy always asks for "a coffee". :)