Friday, May 1, 2009

10 Random Things for a Friday

Man oh man, what a month April was. I could give a hundred reasons why this here blog never got updated but then I’d have to momentarily relive all of them so we’ll pass on that little bit of information. So let’s just return to our regularly scheduled program now shall we….

Um…….wait…drawing a blank. Let’s think for a moment……yeah, I got nothing.

Ok, I got it. Here we go…

  1. Facebook is evil. It’s too easy to be mindless. And the “apps”. Between Bejeweled and Farm Town you’d think I had a ton of free time which could have otherwise been used for updating this here blog. Could explain the sleep deprivation though.
  2. Why did Healthy Choice take a perfectly good Portabella pasta dish and ruin it by throwing in Chicken? And why didn’t they say “Portabella and Chicken” Pasta on the package? Companies used to hide soy in their products and now they are hiding Chicken?
  3. I think I’m going to become a professional wino. I mean, Wine Tasting Consultant. More to follow.
  4. I have flowers on my desk that I bought LAST Wednesday and they still look good. Gotta love daisies and carnations!
  5. I hate it when I know news that not everybody else knows and I have to keep my mouth shut because it isn’t my news to share with people.
  6. Elvis is in Las Vegas. I’m trying to live vicariously through her but she won’t call me back every hour like I asked. Something about show tickets and an ultra-cool suite at the Bellagio and better things to do other than talk on the phone. Gee. You think she’d thinks she’s on vacation or something.
  7. I haven’t pulled a single weed in the gardens yet this spring. I’m going to be paying for THAT this weekend.
  8. The concert lineup at Stir Concert Cove this summer has me seriously stoked. Now if only I could afford a couple of $600 season tickets and a standing babysitter. At the very least I’m going to attempt the Heart Concert for my birthday. :)
  9. I seriously and desperately HATE looking for childcare. And yet here I am again, again looking for childcare.
  10. The chiropractor is my friend. Now if only my insurance company liked him a little better.

    Ok, kids. There you go. My reentry into life as you know it. We’ll see if we can get May to come out a little more lively than poor completely neglected April did.

kisses ---

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Sharon said...

I think #'s 5 and 8 need further explanation....come on, inquiring minds want to know.....quickly, before I have to farm again!!! :)