Friday, February 27, 2009

10 Random Things for a Friday

  1. I'm still stuck in 80's punk. I've ventured into 80's metal every once in a while this week but I'm still stuck in Ramone's land.
  2. I have a date for a great sushi afternoon! 2 weeks and my Tasteful friend and I are heading out! Anybody want to volunteer to be the designated driver?
  3. I have 1203 entries on my google reader. I think I need to clean that sucker out.
  4. I decided last weekend that I needed to lay off the caffeine. So I gave up diet coke last weekend. It lasted all of 5 days. I broke down yesterday and bought a 12 pack.
  5. Mammograms aren't as bad as everyone would have led be to believe. Except Elvis. She told me they were no big deal and it wasn't. So if you haven't had yours recently, go call and schedule it!
  6. The Economic Stimulus plan and the new proposed budget deficit have me freaked out a little. That's an awful lot of money for our grandkids and great grandkids to be paying back.
  7. I get to see Lucas this weekend!
  8. Baby BAM is having tubes put in his ears next Friday.
  9. Little One is being a jealous terror this week. Anytime I pick up BAM or talk to him she starts acting up.
  10. Is there a Facebook Fanatics Anonymous?

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