Friday, February 20, 2009

10 Random Things for a Friday

  1. Larabars ROCK!! And would be my "splurge" snack of choice right now. Their website leaves a little to be desired though. It's Sssslloooow. And what I can buy in the grocery store for $1.50 (splurge) are $2.00 from them directly.
  2. I ended up with a full week of governmental agency review this week. My financial audit takes less time! Very happy with the results though!
  3. I am stuck on 80s punk music at the moment.
  4. Facebook is costing me sleep. But I'm realizing what a small world it really is.
  5. Next weekend I get to see the boys in CR! and my friends and my parents... not that they are any less important. :)
  6. I am looking for more tax clients. Anybody need help?
  7. The skunks are back. My house stunk so bad last night I thought we'd need to go to a hotel. The porch and little one's room still stunk this morning. What useful purpose to skunks really serve? And does anyone know how to REALLY get rid of them?
  8. The dogs are due for shots. Which I can't seem to fit into the schedule or the budget.
  9. When people ask you, "how are you" how many do you think really want to know?
  10. I need sushi. And sake bombs. :) bet you thought I forgot about those didn't you?

Happy Friday!

1 comment:

Sharon said...

We need to schedule and budget for sushi and saki bombs (for you), margarita (for me). SOON. PLEASE.