Friday, August 22, 2008

10 Random Things for a Friday

  1. I forgot how tired having a little one around can make you. Was I this tired with the big ones? I am guessing I am showing my age on this one. :)
  2. Little One's favorite source of protein is dairy. Unfortunately it has been her main source of protein as well for most of the week. That and an occasional bean or chicken. What's a mom to do?
  3. Went to the chiro for the first time in forever today.
  4. I am going to indulge in large quantities of heirloom tomatoes and kale and eggplant this weekend. I can't wait!
  5. The POS van is still in the back yard. I am feeling rather redneckish at the moment.
  6. I am going out with friends tonight. Hoping we figure out how to incorporate sushi into the evening somehow. LOL
  7. I took today off from work but then went in for 2 hours anyway. See how I am?
  8. This weekend we are being lumber jacks and taking down a mostly fallen tree. Wish us luck. Will work on the yard as well. The poor place has been seriously neglected as of late.
  9. My brother has officially relocated to Tulsa. It makes me sad.
  10. My mom gets to spend tomorrow with Lucas! I am very jealous.

and there you have it folks. 10 random for 8/22/08. Boring isn't it. But if I didn't do something I'd never hear the end of it from a couple of friends. OK, off to Target to get diapers!


Harmony said...

Hope you had a fantastic night out :)

Sharon said...

All is right with the world, now that I have my friday list. Thank you!! :) Had fun with the family...must do it again.