Friday, August 15, 2008

10 Random Things for a Friday

  1. Still have big news. Still can't tell you. Not a tease, just can't say anything yet. But I am just busting! Check back Monday or Tuesday. I'll let you in on the blockbuster news. You won't believe it I tell you. You just won't. Not sure that I believe it.
  2. Have I told you about Fiber One Chewy Bars yet? OMG they are incredible! Definitely more of a dessert bar than a breakfast type granola bar. 35% of the Daily Fiber you need. only 140 calories. Rockin! You have to try them! The Oats and Caramel tastes just like Oatmeal Scotchie cookies! Go HERE and get a free sample and a coupon so you can indulge too. Target even has them on sale this week.
  3. Spent most of the week working on a huge project. Finished it this am. So glad it's over. Hopefully it is the last of it's kind.
  4. I was honored to spend a great deal of time last weekend with my niece Emma and baby Lucas. It was the best weekend in a long time. Amazing what a little kid energy will do for you. :)
  5. I strongly dislike black licorice flavored anything. And when you eat something that you dislike by accident, it is rather disgusting.
  6. Jim's uncle died a week ago today. We went to the funeral on Tuesday. His aunt was happy to see him. Not so true of the cousins. With one or two exceptions, they were actually pretty rude. And we have no idea why.
  7. I need to go to the bank.
  8. Son2 is working at my office for about 6 weeks. He's all happy. Paid him today. He's now ecstatic and loves the job and never wants to leave.
  9. Baby BAM loves the same songs his mom used to love. Love is a rose (Neal Young) and Barges are his favorites. And I love singing them to him.
  10. This weekend is the airshow at the Air Force base. Hubby is all bumming because we made other plans and won't be able to go. But the plans trump.

Have a rockin' weekend. Catch ya' on the flipside!

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Harmony said...

Waiting for the big announcement!!