Friday, May 9, 2008

10 Random Things for a Friday

  1. This week's snack of choice is CLIF Mojo Bars. I never got around to making the granola I'd planned on and these were on sale at Baker's this week. Feel the love.

  2. I cleaned the house on Tuesday for a salesman my husband set a meeting up with. He never showed. The salesman that is. Hubby was there. He mowed the lawn.

  3. The new mower makes mowing the lawn much quicker. I think he finished in about an hour and a half. I'll time him next time.

  4. The gas tank on the van sprung a leak again. So much for the special gunk that was supposed to be made specifically for gas tank leaks. Investment in new gas tank? $105.

  5. My admin assistant has a fat lip. Contrary to popular belief I did not give it to her. She fell at Baker's. And no, she was not getting me more Mojo Bars. We just like to go to Baker's on lunch.

  6. I had a dream last night about vampires living on the 4th floor of my house. It was weird. I have no 2nd floor let alone 4th floor.

  7. I am skipping this month's book club book. Just couldn't get into it. I've moved on to next month's. It's pretty good so far.

  8. Spent a good part of the afternoon test driving a car. But I don't LOVE it. So I am not supposed to have it right? But the hubby says it's because I don't love the idea of a car payment. I think he may be right.
  9. Leave for back East tomorrow. I get to spend Grandma time with Lucas. I'm a little excited.
  10. Speaking of Gma time ... Baby B is as cute as ever! Pics after the weekend.

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Harmony said...

The only Baker's (with a capital B) that I know of was an old shoe store...I wouldn't recommend granola from there. Hahahaha