Friday, May 2, 2008

10 Random Things for a Friday

I know this is two days late. Pretend you didn't notice.

  1. I saw a Honda CRV on the side of the road yesterday. It should make me feel better but it didn't.
  2. The POS van is still for sale. It's getting cheaper. Jump on it while you still can. Not that jumping on it will make it look any better but you never know.
  3. When I logged into Google Reader on Monday (hadn't been on since Wednesday night) I had 1324 new blog posts. Me thinks me need to clean out some of my blog feeds. I may have too many. What do you think?
  4. I have resigned myself to the fact that dairy is not my friend. In reality it is my foe. Even ice cream is now bad. I am so sad. And all I really want is a DQ Krunch Kote cone. And a cheese pizza. Oh the horror! So I've started to read everything on PETA's Milk Sucks website. It's making me feel a little better. Actually it's grossing me out.
  5. Economic Farce payments started via direct deposit this week. Based upon the poll (and the informal poll I took with about everyone else I know) if the people I know are the average, I'd have to say it will make little to no difference in the actual stimulus it creates. But then again, once most people have it in your hand, all plans seem to go out the window.
  6. I spent more than an hour and a half the other night planning a vacation I can't remotely afford. It was a nice diversion.
  7. Son2 walks across the stage on Saturday. I'm beyond proud.
  8. Tutu sent me pics of her holding Lucas James this past weekend. She said it was because she wanted to show me current pics. I think she was just rubbing it in.
  9. Sally aka Houdini has figured out how to open the back screen door.
  10. MA and baby are adjusting to being home. He is FAR from sleeping through the night.

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Harmony said...

I gave up on my google reader for that very reason. I like thumbing through my blogroll the old fashioned way now.. :)