Thursday, January 3, 2008


Did you make any New Year's Resolutions? I've made a couple. Things like exercise more, eat better, save money, get organized, etc. But I already know how most of them will turn out. So I've decided to make a few others instead.

1) Laugh. -- I need to laugh more. I need to watch comedies. Read the comics. Subscribe to more humor blogs. Go to a comedy production here and there. I just need to laugh more. And not just at myself.

2) Go to the library. -- I had to pay for my library membership for the first time in my life. (not counting the memberships I've paid for many times over with late fees) Apparently when you live outside of the city's tax jurisdiction you don't pay for the library so you have to pay for a membership. Since I paid the $25, I should really get my money's worth. I'm just going to make it a regular weekly adventure. Ok, probably every couple of weeks. But regularly. :) And I need to return them on time. $25 is really a bargain isn't it?

3) Write more. -- I get a lot out of writing. It's a gift to myself. And it's healing.

4) Create. -- It uses the other side of my brain. I need to let go of the perfectionist part of me that has to have it right. And just create.

But then again... I am perfect the way I am, so why change a thing.

See, I'm laughing already.

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