Saturday, January 26, 2008

7 random things

Hey! I've been tagged by Harmony to tell you seven random/crazy things about me...hmm....Don't I tell you random things about me every day? hmmmm.

  1. I can't drink milk. Not lactose intolerant but something about it gives me ear and sinus infections. Didn't believe it when the nutritionist told me. But quit drinking it and my ears and sinuses have thanked me. Who knew?
  2. I wanted to be a Dr when I grew up. I'm still not grown up so this may still happen.
  3. My next door neighbors growing up were Keysha on one side and Nancy on the other. Kay lived across the street. Kristy, Lisa, and Jeff all lived around the bend. Chuck lived 2 streets away and was my best friend. Larry used to be my backyard neighbor. I recently got an email from him through it was kind of cool.
  4. Even though I am on, have an alumni designation on my myspace account, am in the hometown paper no less than 3 times a year, my parents still have the same phone number we had growing up, and they live literally in the backyard of the high school, I was still listed as an "unable to locate" or "missing" for my class reunion last summer. I don't think they tried real hard to find us. What do you think?
  5. I secretly long to belong to Daring Bakers but just can't bring myself to commit. I would love to expand my baking horizons. But the whole blogging about food thing is a little out of my realm. Even though I do seem to blog about everything else. But I really don't need the extra calories each month either. But most months I make the recipes. This month's lemon meringue pie will most likely make an appearance in my kitchen. But it will have to be shared with A LOT of people because there is that extra sugar nobody needs thing. See. I just can't commit.
  6. Jessie "The Body" Ventura (former governor of Minnesota) is my 2nd cousin by marriage. (so what is that, second cousin once removed?)
  7. Labyrinth is my all time favorite movie.

That was kind of fun! Thanks Harmony!

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Harmony said...

I hardly cook at all - at least you make the recipes from the Daring Bakers! Sounds yummy!