Sunday, February 27, 2011

Things I've Been Doing on the Internet

The last few hours have been wasted on the internet. I really should have stuck to reading a book. When was the last time I read a book anyway? And what was it? Other than the kids' books. or Winnie the Pooh novels that I've been reading to said kids. huh. And does reading on a Nook or Kindle take away from the feeling you get when you are reading an actual turn the page kind of book? Do you see how I got sucked into this thought? Well, that's exactly how I've gotten sucked into the internet for the last 3 hours and accomplished absolutely zero.

  • Craigslist. I need a set of bunk beds. I found the "I think will be a good choice ones." I messaged the seller yesterday and asked to come and look at them. He messaged back. I messaged him my cell phone number. But he must not have thought I was serious. Because he never called me. And he re-posted the beds today. hmmph.
  • Penny Pinchin Mom and other coupon and grocery ad sites/blogs. You see, I spent $122 at the grocery store tonight and I came home with way less bags than a person should come home with when they just spent $122 at the grocery store. and I found this one lady who was bragging about buying $78 of grocery and supplies at CVS for $17. And now I am stuck on finding better ways to spend my next $122.
  • The IRS website. It seems to be down. And I need information off of it to finish a return for someone. This bites by the way.
  • facebook. I've refreshed it about 100 times. I think I may have a problem. nah. I refuse to get a twitter account by the way.
  • -- I am once again planning a vacation I do not have the money to take.
  • ConsumerReports and Good Housekeeping websites. I need to buy a new vacuum. And I don't want to waste money on another crappy and doesn't suck sweeper.
  • And I got sucked (punny huh?) into because they reportedly have the best price on the vacuum Consumer Reports says I should get.
  • again. Looking for a book to read next time so I don't get sucked into the internet.
  • Verizon's cellphone website. I need a new phone. But I can't bring myself to buy a data plan. So my choices are limited. And I apparently think that if I keep looking on the site some cool new "feature phone" will magically appear.
  • -- so they can tell me what kind of cell phone to get if I can bring myself to get a data plan phone.
See how I got lost for 3 (now 4) hours?

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the Tasteful friend :) said...

Welcome back....I was getting kind of tired of checking in to the bowling story....not that it wasn't worthwhile, but still. I need my updates....especially since you don't talk to me anymore!!! :)