Thursday, February 24, 2011

31 days and no blog. Here's My Kiss and Make Up

I'm awful. I know. Good thing this isn't a paying gig.

Things that made me laugh pretty darn hard tonight. It's late. Keep that in mind.

You know Virgin, the brand, like the one that has an airline and cell phone? Well they have a wine club. Virgin Wine Club It could be the fact that it is late, but the whole idea that Virgin has a wine club just made me laugh. And my husband is looking at me funny so it might not be as funny as I first thought.

Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off
. Yes I know. I'm a little behind in the country music world. I'd never heard it before today.

G-Spot: Pornos and Pretzels

The Fan Falls for the Hoff I just watched like 12 of these videos. My side hurts.

This 5 year old that is bound and determined to have a career before marriage.

Furry Happy Monsters on Sesame Street. REM on Sesame Street? How did I miss this before?

And as long as I am on Sesame Street -- Neil Patrick Harris will always have a piece of my heart. Please note that he is dressed as a fairy. : )

Whose Line is it Anyway? with Richard Simmons. As the props. I've laughed at this numerous times before so we had to dig it up tonight.

$#*! My Dad Says - Lullaby of Root Beer Love this show. I really want an English Bulldog.

I'd find a number 10. But nine seems good for today. We'll tackle 10 tomorrow.

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Mistry said...

Do you know the best thing about all of those posts? I was laughing JUST as hard as you were, while I was reading them! :p

I miss your face!