Friday, March 20, 2009

10 Random Things for a Friday

  1. Have you googled anything today? Check it out! It’s the Very Hungry Catepillar! Happy Birthday Eric Carle!
  2. The lack of 10 random things last week is totally the Stamp Pushers fault. She MADE me go eat sushi and drink Kirin Ichiban. She’s bossy like that.
  3. I read somewhere that the average American spends 29 hours a week watching TV. If that’s true we spend 11 years watching TV! That’s just nuts.
  4. Baby BAM refuses to eat any baby food anymore. He seems to think he should be allowed to eat dog food though.
  5. Tutu and Grandpa Doug get to watch Lucas this weekend. I am very jealous.
  6. I like this “100 novels everyone should read” I was surprised at how many I had read.
  7. The baby of the bigs chopped her hair off this week. I’ll have to get a picture of it this weekend.
  8. I realized this week that I can’t do other things and listen to an audio book at the same time. I can’t listen to one thing and be working on another. I lose track of one or the other. I used to be able to. What the heck happened?
  9. There is a trip to DSW in my near future. I need new tennis shoes. Hubby needs new shoes worse than I do. I should probably get him to go too.
  10. The babe and potty training are failing miserably. Just when I think she’s going to figure it out she starts refusing to go again. We’ve kind of taken the week off. We’ll start again this weekend. I am bound and determined that this will happen SOON!

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